The Living With Art Project

Whistler's Venice
Reproduced by Jim Fischer
In 1877 the artist James McNeill Whistler was commissioned by the British Royal Art Society to go to Venice and produce a series of twelve etchings. He returned to London two years later with 24 etchings and 'over 60' small pastels. These pastels were put on sale in an exhibition in London in 1880. They have, since, been scattered across the globe and, because of condition issues, most now reside in environmentally controlled vaults rarely to be seen again.
   In the interests of allowing this body of work to once again be displayed, the artist Jim Fischer has reproduced these works using the same materials and methods that Whistler did for the originals. The result is a near complete set, 58 works, in pristine condition for the public to once again appreciate.

On View March 5th through March 31st, 2019

380 Monmouth Street
Jersey City, NJ

Gallery hours: Tues, Wed, and Thurs 10am through 3pm, Sunday 1 - 4pm

About The Living With Art Project

The Living With Art Project's goal is to make quality reproductions of original masterworks available, at a reasonable cost, to the public. The tradition of quality reproductions is an old one. Renaissance masters had assistants make reproductions of their most popular works on order. Many art students have helped to pay for their education and, more important, their survival in their early years, through selling copies of the masters. This tradition in today's art world has disappeared. The Living With Art Project is reviving this tradition.

   In today's world most people experience art in less than ideal circumstances either for a few fleeting moments at a over-crowded museum exhibit, as a poster or book print or, worse, on the small screens of their smartphones. Public art makes up for some of these other venues shortcomings, but it, too, often lacks one essential element for the appreciation of most art, intimacy. Driven by prohibitive costs and limited availability, living with a piece of great art (as most was intended) has gone out of fashion. The Living With Art Project seeks to remedy this situation. Buy original art!
380 Monmouth Street, Jersey City, NJ