Jim Fischer

Painting should be as light as breath on glass.


Representational (well, mostly) artist located in Jersey City, NJ, USA. Self taught, I started painting at the age of 7, first exhibiting my work in the hallway of my elementary school (everyone was impressed that I knew the sky met the earth at some point). S9nce then I have gon through several 'periods' focusing on 'junk art' (sculptures mades from found objects, to pastel and watercolor still life, to representational paintings of everyday life and copies of masterworks, to experimental imagery. I continue to do all of these disciplines as well as leaded glass, mosaics, fine furniture, garden design, interior design. Actually, I do what I want when the muse strikes me. I firmly believe that, if another human being can do it, so can I.


James McNeill Whistler, Edward Hopper


1969-1972 Lehman College Theatre Arts New York City, New York, United States
Jim Fischer

The artist at work

Solo Expositions

2022 Imagination - Serendipitous Reality Jersey City, NJ, United States

2019 Whistler's Venice Pastels Reproduced Jersey City, NJ, United States

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