Jim Fischer

Imagination: Smaller Pieces
6 artworks

Small fragments of wiping rags.

Imagination: Serendipitous Realism
144 artworks

Serendipidous realism is the process of creating art from scraps; left over paint and scrapped dried paint from the palette, and cut sections from the wiping cloths. Images are identified by association with a quote or statement proving that realism is as much imagination as real observations and that all art is a trick of the eye. "You may discover in the patterns on the wall a resemblance to various landscapes, adorned with mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, plains, wide valleys and hills in va

34 artworks

Commissioned portraits.

America's Cup Yachts
6 artworks

A series of paintings, oil and acrylic, of American yachts that competed in the America's Cup races. Works are based on public domain black and white photos taken of the boats engaged in racing.

Jones Beach
26 artworks

Miscellaneous Works
9 artworks

Various works that don't fit anywhere else.

Whistler's Venice Pastels Reproduced
54 artworks

Whistler’s Venice Pastels. To celebrate the 140th anniversary of their first being shown in London in 1879, the artist Jim Fischer has reproduced in original pastel on brown paper all 60 of Whistler’s Venice pastels. The originals are now scattered throughout the world and, because of their delicate nature, most are kept in controlled environment vaults. Many are in very poor condition. These reproductions give the viewer a chance to experience these masterpieces in their original, pristine cond

3 artworks

3 dimensional works.

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