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Added May 19, 2021

What's on the Easel, February 2021

What’s On The Easel

February 2021, Vol. III, No. 2

A monthly newsletter from Jim Fischer




Leonardo DiVinci wrote, “There is no such thing as ‘perfect’ but everything can be better” (that’s why he never finished the Mona Lisa). And, I have always been unhappy with the large portrait of Steph in the red coat so I decided to rework her face. 


Now, that’s better. While at it, I fixed that missing thumb…


The eyes have it.


Go with me to a portrait gallery and you will see me as close to the canvas as possible. It’s the eyes, they make all the difference and, lest you think it’s easy (I know you don’t) here’s a closeup of Steph’s from the portrait. Detail, detail, detail.



A missing thumb restored...

While I was at it, I really messed up the anatomy of this hand, corrected now.


And, of course…


The portrait work fed into the Imagination series, four pieces thus far, including this (something from the red in the portrait) :



It’s called “2020 Man-of-the-Year: The Grim Reaper."


A piece being exhibited …


This is a piece of mine in a local show downtown in Jersey City. It’s called “And there was war in Heaven” from Revelations (the theme of the show is Social Injustice and how this piece fits in, beyond me but the Curator loves it). Icing on the cake, I got five seconds of fame on the local news as their final shot when covering the show. This is a screen shot from their piece:



A milestone.


The ship model has reached a milestone, the hull and deck features are now completed (four months work).



Now it’s on to the long, tedious job of masting and rigging. Probably another four months.


One small detail…



Yup, it’s a bucket, ‘bought the size of a human molar.


And who’s this handsome guy? 

 My good friend Johnny found this in his photo archives, it’s now one of only a handful of photos taken of me at that time, I’m 20.

Wedding frank grace cynthian.jpg

And, finally, another cartoon for your amuesment (?)




Steph and I have had our first shot, free from this nightmare by the end of March. Thank God and the scientists that know best. 


That’s all for now. Be well, be safe. And what’s on your easel?



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