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Added Aug 17, 2019

What’s On The Easel August 2019, Vol. I, No. 5


I don’t know about other artists but I am subject to regular bouts of procrastination, I will go for a couple of months doing no art (and roaming around the house looking for anything but art to do). Then, one day I snap out of it and get going again. Well, after kicking around for the past three months, I am back at it. My art studio is divided into four areas: An easel for oil painting, a drawing/light board for colored pencil, another board for watercolor and a printer/scanner station. All four are back in action…

On the easel is a large portrait of Stephanie and Natalie (on the edge of a cliff overlooking Big Sur. 

On the drawing/light board is the first of eight citiscapes of Savannah, Georgia.

On the watercolor station are three small paintings of judges at an Irish festival upstate New York.

And the printer has been putting out complete box sets, of Whistler’s Venice and Forty-eight Views of Brownstone Brooklyn.

A Plethora of Art Calls… 

…no less than four this month and three of them had no entry fee (yes!). For the Monmouth County Museum I entered Niagara Falls in Winter: American Falls, a large montage photo (5 feet long), for Village West (a gallery in downtown Jersey City) I entered the box set of Forty-eight Views of Brownstone Brooklyn, for ProArts’ gallery during JCAST (Jersey City’s open studios weekend, October 3 - 6) I entered 4th of July/George Washington Bridge and for ProArts’ cookbook project I entered a recipe for “the perfect hamburger” accompanied by appropriate art(?), The Perfect Hamburger. So, any bets on which pieces get accepted?


In Other News…

So, my knee is slowly getting better. On the upside, I did get to gather up a nice collection of canes. The smaller red one is made of bloodroot wood from Africa, the light oak one is from London (nicely done with an ergonomic handle with a substantial hook to it for hanging) and a handcrafted cane from Turkey.

That’s all for now. Drop me a note if you like. I’d love to hear from you.


Everyone be well.



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