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Added Feb 21, 2020

What's on the Easel, January 2020

What’s On The Easel, January 2020, Vol. II, No. 1

A monthly newsletter from Jim Fischer

Happy New Year!

And, what’s on the easel? To tell the truth, nothing new. Demands of the holidays have pretty much shut down the studio. But we are keeping busy.

Io sells…

Yup, my portrait of Io at the Monmouth County Museum has sold, at the opening no less. Not a lot of money but, hey, at least I got something else to show the IRS. 


And the Monmouth County Museum has already accepted two other pieces for their next show, Hiroshima and No Man’s Land.


I seem to have found a venue that likes my work. They appear to be a rare venue that appreciates and is inclusive of realist art (which probably means they understand what the public likes and will buy). This is the fourth exhibit I will be in two years and after only seven tries, 4 for 7, batting 570 here.

Win Some, Loose Some


Can you find my works in this gallery? 

Not only are many of the works here just a pot of paint thrown at a canvass, the curators obviously felt they should be thrown up on the wall en-mass as well. To make matters worse, the venue is a bar/restaurant where people appear to be more interested in eating and drinking than viewing art. To me that’s not very conducive to selling the works. More like they’re just decorating their walls for free. Oh, well, win some, loose some.

Five Days of Chaos


No, I’m not talking about the White House (that’s perpetual chaos). I’m talking about our house where we have now replaced all 22 1960s error vinyl windows with new ‘period’ wooden sashes. 

After much noise and wind we no longer have the wind rattling the frames, a draft wafting into each room and the street sounds imposing on us. The quiet was what we first noticed. Thank you Pella (the installers did a great job, after five days of bedlam you would never know they were here), 

And again, Happy New Year to you all.

Everyone be well.


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