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Added Sep 24, 2020

What’s On The Easel March 2020, Vol. II, No. 3

What’s On The Easel March 2020, Vol. II, No. 3

A monthly newsletter from Jim Fischer


Well, to be honest…

There is nothing on the easel at this time. But that’s not to say I haven’t been busy.


Forty Eight Views of Brownstone Brooklyn to be exhibited …

This project was started ten years ago, moving along to completion in 2019. The flier says it all (yup no date for the artist’s reception for obvious reasons, I will send out a notice when a date is set). I hope many of you can find the time to stop by the gallery (and if you plan to do so, let me know, I'll meet you there and give a tour).


A week in London, just before the madness set in …

After a great week in London, 7 museums, five fine restaurants and three pubs, we returned on the 2nd of March just missing the onset of the plague on the island. Here are some highlights of our trip worth noting:


The count stands at 17…

That is, with the addition of the two Vermeer's we encountered at the National Gallery, my worldwide count for viewing Vermeer's is now 17. There are two more in London we could not get to. Another trip (and I’m still pissed at the Lourve for closing the gallery when I visited some years ago).


Steph is on the left and, for the life of me, I can't understand why the guy with the serious camera on the right is taking a photo. Hey, guy, go to the gift shop and buy a superior print.


Sometimes you encounter a piece of art so stunning that, as I did here, you get choked up and giddy at the same time. Words and photographs cannot describe the impact of this Rembrandt piece in the National Galleries. It literally emanates light and the robe on the central figure sparkles and glows in it. 


How the hell did he do that??? We went back the day before we left for home to see it again. I am still stunned.


Lisa C., look what we found in the Victoria and Albert Museum…



Not exactly a ‘no art production’ month…

I did have this small commission, a charcoal sketch of his granddaughter for a friend .


A Manifesto of Sorts … Why I do this, part 2.


Fortune (a 1 for me on a scale of 1, ‘not important’, to 10, ‘very important’)


Selling works is, I suppose, one measure of fame. But, in my observation, the marketplace is glutted with over priced mediocre work. (For example, at a recent art fair, 14c here in Jersey City, one of the exhibitors was a guy who salvaged strips of shredded paper and glued them, one line after the other with no rhyme or reason, onto large canvasses. More therapy than art and I can’t believe the so called ‘curators’ of the event even gave this guy the time of day). It’s hard enough to get through this clutter (fame) let alone get an uneducated, small screen focused public to shell out for it. But, more to the point, I don’t need the money. This situation allows me the privilege, as with not pursuing fame, to do as I please. It also affords me the opportunity to give away my work which, in turn, lays down the foundation for next month’s segment; legacy.


That’s all for now.


Everyone be well.




Jim Fischer, 530 Liberty Avenue, Jersey City, NJ, 07307

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