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Added Sep 24, 2020

What’s On The Easel June 2020

What’s On The Easel June 2020, Vol. II, No. 6

A monthly newsletter from Jim Fischer


As previously noted, Niagara in Winter/Horseshoe Falls Rapids is finished …

… and in it’s new home in our dining room.



So, What is on the Easel?


Yup, you got it, nothing again!



Actually, I found an old slide from the Jones Beach series that I had been meaning to do as a large painting. It’s been around for 35 years, amazing it survived. It’s next. The canvas is being prepared in the shop.



One problem, while my scanner has an optional attachment for scanning slides and negatives, it costs $600. I don’t have enough slides to warrant the expense. Soooooooo, 

I rigged up something with a light behind it and it worked! 



You know, sometimes low tech is the way to go.

Something else to do, a watercolor


Here’s another view of my studio, the watercolor station where a different version of the Jones Beach ‘Flags’ piece is set to be done. There are actually seven work stations in the studio: Easel for oils, a counter/sink for set-ups and messy things, a drawing board for colored pencil work, a small rolling table for small pastels (the Whistlers were done on it), a desk for general computer use, a watercolor station and a printer/scanner computer station. All in 144 square feet.



Nice natural light in the afternoons and a pleasant view of …


The garden


After an unusually cool Spring (I was truly worried much would be lost) the vegetable and herb gardens are chugging away. With the pandemic lockdown, the garden is our safe haven now. Lockdown is not so bad with this… 



A Manifesto of Sorts … Why I do this, part 5, The Finale.


Using My Gifts, Testing My Limits (10)


I am blessed by God with some extraordinary gifts: perception, memory, coordination, confidence, and many more. But they mean nothing unless I develop them into specific talents. I find that doing art (of all kinds) is the absolute test of my ability to manage God’s gifts into something worthy of having them. That’s why, among all the talents I have, doing art has always been at the top of my list (and I believe I have attained great heights in my pursuit of this endeavor). I know I can leave this world with a smile on my lips and, when I stand in front of God and he asks me what I did with the gifts he gave me, I will have one word; “Art.”


That’s all for now. Everyone be well. And what’s on your easel?




Jim Fischer, 530 Liberty Avenue, Jersey City, NJ, 07307

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