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Added Sep 24, 2020

What’s On The Easel July 2020

What’s On The Easel July 2020, Vol. II, No. 7

A monthly newsletter from Jim Fischer


“Because photography is not good enough”


That’s what the artist David Hockney told an interviewer when asked why, in today’s art environment, he continued to paint in a realist style. He went on to clarify by saying that all photographs are a compromise of something, only the art of painting allows the creator to control what the viewer will ultimately see. And nothing demonstrates this more than the piece I am currently painting. If you compare the painting, it’s sky and sea, to the photo I am using you will see a clear demonstration of this idea.



“All painting is a trick of the eye”…


Is what the realist painter, Leonardo Da Vinci had to say in his defense of why painting is, by far, the superior art form (a debate he won). Take, for example, the watercolor I am working on alongside the oil. See the group of figures in the distance on the right?


Now take a closer look.


Da Vinci, during his study of sight, noted that the further away an object was the less distinct to the eye. He advised painters to follow this rule when doing distance painting. I call it the ‘six feet’ rule. When I paint I imagine the viewer standing six feet from the piece and adjust the clarity of distance accordingly, thus tricking the eye.


And then there is the kale…


…and the pole beans, and the tomatoes, and the garlic (ready to be harvested) and the basil (amazingly grown from seed). The garden is producing fresh veggies and providing a much needed distraction as we continue to hunker down in this world of Covid-19. We hope everyone is staying safe as well.



Our new business opportunity


A new family business has emerged from the pandemic, masks.


Researching designs and adding some innovations, with Stephs considerable seamstress talents we are producing masks to sell through Natalie’s jewelry customer resources. We learned that a three ply cotton mask, with quilt batting as the center filter, is very effective (above 80% and washable). I figured out a way to get a piece of wire into the top to bend over the nose and we found a design that covers most of the lower face, reaching far around the sides and using laces to tie tightly around the back of the head rather than hanging off the ears. Add a stylish vintage fabric and there you go. We have sold about $1,000 worth already at $25 each. Who would know that a young, rural Iowa  girl’s sewing lessons would come in so handy.


That’s all for now. Everyone be well. And what’s on your easel?




Jim Fischer, 530 Liberty Avenue, Jersey City, NJ, 07307

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