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Added Oct 23, 2020

What's on the Easel, October 2020

What’s On The Easel

October 2020, Vol. II, No. 10

A monthly newsletter from Jim Fischer




Sunday at the Beach_Oil on canvas_36x38_2020_2,000.JPG

An interesting confluence of art…


Hanging around my studio for the past 40 odd years has been a small watercolor, one of my first of a person and part of the Jones Beach series. When I finished the painting this month the woman crossing behind the first red flag looked familiar. Sure enough, it’s the same woman in the watercolor. We must have been walking down the beach together, me a little faster than her. Together again after all these decades!



Also finished.. 


..a small (8x10) portrait of Steph’s niece, Cody, who is somewhat trapped by covid in Oxford, England, and going to school. (hi, Cody)





Steph and Natalie continue to evolve the mask business. They just completed a nice order for Uncommon Goods combining Steph’s new mask design with Nat’s jewelry. Go take a look at their handiwork at https://www.uncommongoods.com/product/handmade-mask-necklace-set 



The ship evolves…



The ship project has evolved into something I needed, a distraction from the art studio. Forcing the art process has never really worked for me, projects need to be enthusiastically embraced and to be real, that’s not a constant state of being. Sooooooo, the ship gives me something to occupy the ‘artistic downtime.’ It also is helping me keep away from the studio when I should. It’s too easy to spend everyday, seven days a week, in the studio. Now I am spending my weekends on the ship. Like the nine-to-fivers, I get two days off a week!


That’s all for now. Be well. And what’s on your easel?



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